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ASUS Releases Premium Covers for the New Nexus 7

Asus Premium Covers

 Asus Premium Covers; New Nexus 7:

In the modern era, smartphones and tablets have become enormously popular, not just as electronic gadgets but also as a mean by which you can make a fashion statement. One of the main aspect of any smartphone or tablet is its design, which is scrutinized from every angle and so to make it more attractive to the general public, lots of revenue is now poured into this department as well.

This obsession with fashion has also given birth to a secondary market for smartphone or tablet cases. Cases depicting your favorite artists, cases depicting your personality by their lavishness or there somberness and most important of all cases to keep your tablets or phone’s sensitive bodies safe from harm.

The Google Nexus 7 released last month is manufactured by ASUS and the device is being praised universally for its speed, performance and sharp design. So naturally, demand for cases that fit the tablet is high and many vendors have already shelled out some. ASUS has also created two cases for the tablet.

One is a travel case which is made of a soft plastic material similar to the one released for the last generation Nexus 7, and a premium case, complete with a hard outer shell made of plastic, foldable stand and also interior embedded with microfiber. The Premium cover boasts a felt screen, tri-folding design with rubberized feet and quite frankly seems a lot more functional than the Travel case ASUS has churned out.

This more superior case is now shipping from two Amazon vendors though we do think that the price is a bit high when compared to other cases in the market. It is available in two colors; White and Black. The white version will cost you $32.18 from the Amazon vendor DataVision Computer Video and the black version made available by the vendor ‘antonline’ will run you up $46.55 and that is without the facility of Amazon Prime shipping. As far as we could search, the case isn’t available anywhere else on the web at the moment though ASUS does host a product page of it.

Another downside is the lack of magnetic smart cover function which nowadays is being included in even the cheapest cases out there, so its absence is puzzling to say the least.

Though we do think the case is good enough and has a number of smart features, we will still urge you to wait a bit as more options arrive in the market so that you can choose which best suits you from a competitive list and not end up regretting buying it later.

But if you still want, you can still buy them from Amazon by clicking on the links below,

Black Premium Cover

White Premium Cover

 [Via: Android Police]



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