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Asus Nexus 10; Could it Be True?

Asus Nexus 10

 Asus Nexus 10 Could be on the way?

Google’s Nexus devices have become kind of favorites among the techies as they offer the latest iteration of Android and what it has to offer at extremely affordable prices. Last month’s launch of the Nexus 7 tablet was incredibly well received as the device is the epitome of efficiency when it comes to design and offers lightning fast performance as well.

Generally, the Nexus 7 devices are manufactured by Asus in partnership with Google, as was the case with last month’s launch, and Nexus 10 devices are handled by Google’s other partner, Samsung. But, this time around there seems to be a change in manufacturer at least in Nexus 10’s case as is saying that the new Nexus 10 may be manufactured by Asus as well.

This would be a big blow for Samsung and shows Google’s confidence in Asus. The Nexus program is organized in such a way in which many companies submit their designs for upcoming Nexus devices from which Google chooses the design which according to them is best suited to carry the Nexus torch and also reflects the company’s vision regarding it.

Samsung had done a good job with the last Nexus 10 but the device suffered due to some software bugs and apps not fully supporting its relatively larger screen and higher resolution.

To give more credibility to his report, Russel Holly over at has also released an internal Best Buy inventory list that clearly states the manufacturer of the upcoming Nexus 10 16GB Wi-Fi as Asus though other brackets for information like stock date and product dimensions seems to be filled with placeholders.


Citing further sources, the report tells us to expect the Nexus 10 refresh around the holiday season; just in time for some heated competition with the similarly modestly priced Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.

This piece of news certainly does falsify a report by Wall Street Journal’s Amir Efrati who tweeted that according to SVP at Google, Sundar Pichai, the Nexus 10 tablet will be manufactured by Samsung and set to be released around the holiday season. Now, he seems to have backtracked on his earlier tweet and offered a clarification. Check them out below.

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