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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Root Method RELEASED!

S4 Active Root


S4 Active Root method Released; As Simple as an App Download

This next fellow needs no introduction, as he’s relatively well known for hacking… a lot of devices. The name is Geohot, and I’m sure you recognize him.

He went to war with Sony some time ago for hacking the console and opening up the system to custom firmware and homebrew. If you don’t already know, homebrew is basically indie software and games made available for numerous systems. A lot of times, homebrew is installed on hacked devices, or devices that didn’t originally support custom software like the PS3, PSP and even Xbox console.

Geohot is also well known for jailbreaking the original iPhone, which at the time was a major feat.

He laid low for a while, and seemed to have fallen off the radar. Well thats all changed now as hes produced a root method for the new Galaxy S4 Active over at the XDA Developers forums.

Forum users actually started a collection, pledging money to entice a resourceful developer to root the Galaxy S4 Active for their benefit. Geohot responded to the independent root campaign and thus provided a method for the S4 Active Root procedure. He released the application package to root the handset on his own website, where users can download it directly to their device. It’s called “activeroot,” (pardon the punn) and it’s quite convenient for Galaxy S4 Active users. They just visit the site, download the package to their device, and run the application to root their handset. This may be a miracle to some, especially those whom might want their devices rooted for a specific reason, but don’t have the know-how or confidence to do it manually. Providing a S4 Active Root method as simple and easy as this, may cause other problems though, with people rooting their devices based on the simplicity, whom may not have done so without this simple package.

Life does not play out without a little added drama, it seems. Some are starting to claim that Geohot was not the original source of the root exploit. Jcase, an Elite Recognized Developer at XDA has pointed out that the exploit for the S4 Active Root actually surfaced earlier this year. Jcase offered some GitHub links to prove the exploit has been around for a while, and that it was discovered by someone else. As such, those same users have asked that Geohot share in the wealth and also provide credit to the original developer of the exploit. This is often the case on forums such as XDA, with members scrambling to get the lime-light with their discoveries or creations.

All that aside, if you want to have the S4 Active Root package and use it for your device, head over to the Activeroot site for the download and instructions.

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