Sunday , 9 February 2014
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RocketChip Unveils Multi Window Multitasking for Android Tablets

The Android processor manufacturers, Rocketchip, have unveiled multi-windowed MultiTasking for Android. This technology is hoped to finally put your quad core processor to good use, and according to RocketChip, if you are running this on your Android tablet, you should be able to stream YouTube videos, chat with your friends, toggle settings, as well as browse the internet, all at the same time.



Android Multitasking RocketChip


Android Multitasking:

This essentially works how multiple windows are on Windows and Macintosh computers. Though we’ve seen this on Samsung devices, that was very limited, in terms of software, and devices.

According to RocketChip, you will be able to use Multi-touch gestures to manage your windows, by moving them about your screen and resizing them. You can use 2-4 windows at the same time.

This offering will be built atop Android 4.2.2, and will boast more features, unrelated to Multitasking, which can all be viewed in the video below:

This new functionality hasn’t been released yet, nor do we know when it might be, but speculation concludes that it is more likely that they manufacture a device with this, rather than releasing it separately.

(Via AndroidPolice)

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