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When Will You Need To Have Your PC Fixed

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When Will Your PC need to be Fixed?

We are going to cover issues that can arise in your computer, and when its time your PC is Fixed. We cover errors from software through to hardware so everything is covered. We talk about the most common things that go wrong with a PC and why it may need to be fixed. Most problems with a PC are fixable.

What are the reasons why you should consider getting your PC repaired? Most cases are listed below:

Slow computer speed

The very first time you use your computer, it is supposed to be very fast. Its system is not yet dampened by hours of continuous gaming, web searching and the other different work you can only do on a computer. As we constantly use it though, its performance drops, to a crawl. It might be a virus infection, or your memory got overheated, still it will not be very fun to sit in front of a constantly freezing unit.

Frequent PC freezes

As with the above, the problem can be because of the overheated memory card or a virus attack. But not only those too though, it can be because the other components of the computer are either close to being broken or was loosened. If you know how to open and <a href=””>fix a PC</a> you will definitely be able to fix this without any professional help. If not then it is much better to just call the experts.

Reboot loop

This happens when you turn on your unit and after a minute it shuts down again. It’s either your power supply is broken or your motherboard. It is quite frustrating actually, seeing the system load till the load screen then shutting down as if it was reset.

Blur screen error

Also known as blue screen of death, this error mostly shows when you installed software that isn’t compatible to your unit or a hardware that it can’t recognize. You can still enter safe mode to search for the problem though. Uninstalling the software you installed last will in most cases fix the error. If it is a hardware malfunction then just remove the external hardware you recently connected.

Loud noise coming from the unit – this error occurs when you did not connect the right wires inside the unit, did not connect the child cards to the motherboards firmly or you added in the wrong cards.

Browser pop ups

Often caused by malwares invading your system folder then changing the system registry. The malware or virus then manipulates your browser functions. Often times they also run hidden programs at the background which slows your computer significantly. Most of these invaders can be detected by an anti virus but some, executable files, are hard to recognize. The trick is to not start any executable file you might fight which you do not know.

Going to a computer repair shop or your computer service center will repair most of the above problems. Some problems though, especially the hardware ones, can’t be fixed and will prompt you to buy new parts. Still, it’s better than buying a new unit altogether and that is what makes PC’s awesome.

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