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Printer Tips to Save You Money!

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Printer Tips Manufacturers don’t want us to know:

Everyone in the world who owns a printer has probably at least once had to go through the unpleasant experience of buying replacement ink and toner cartridges. The reason why this is such a hassle is because of the price of these consumables. The  printer manufacturers always warn us not to buy anything except OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cartridges, but the real risks of clogging your printer’s head or canceling your warranty are far less then they would like us to think. By using a couple of neat tricks you can save a lot of money for yourself. The following is a list of some common misconceptions regarding the use and maintenance printers and tips on how to overcome them.

Re-conditioned print cartridges will cause printer failure:

Of course, this is not true. These cartridges are in fact old, used ones but with replaced parts and filled with new ink. They are pretty safe for usage because they are subjected to various performance tests before they are packed and sold. Another option are “compatible” cartridges. These are new, unbranded cartridges that are compatible with printers manufactured by famous brands. As with new OEM cartridges, these also come in various shapes and sizes, but cost significantly less than the original ones.

Both of these options are great and if you print a lot of documents on a daily basis they can be real money-savers.

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Compatible cartridges won’t be recognized by the printer:

Printer manufacturers have endeavored dearly to persuade us that these clone cartridges just wont be accepted by any of their devices. However, this is far from the truth. These manufacturers are abided by the low to enable their consumers to choose by themselves the type of cartridge they want to use. This is due to the fact that the consumers replace the cartridges by themselves and are entitled to the freedom of choice. With most printers, you will just see a question on your computer screen asking you whether you are certain you wish to use an unbranded cartridge. After the confirmation the printer will work as usual. These compatible printers come with a chip that enables printers to recognize them as genuine, much like the OEM ones. The only difference is that these cloned cartridges don’t have a famous name and an unreasonable price. Of course, some of them may not be of superior quality, but they will work and will be far cheaper.

New printers come with a set of fully filled cartridges:      

Unfortunately, this is not true. New printers are sold with barely filled cartridges. Since the manufacturers sell you the device, they are not obliged to give you full cartridges as well. This actually means that you will have to get a pricey set of cartridges soon after you purchase the printer. This is where these companies make most of their money, as a refill set will cost you almost as much as the printer itself.

With use of online shops you can compare prices of printer ink and get the offer you like the most instead of going into specialized shop.

You can’t bypass the Protection Counter:

Every printer has a limited number of prints you can get from it. After the number is reached, the printer is considered to have reached the end of it’s specified lifespan, and the device will no longer work. This is, of course, another insolent move of the printer manufacturers. By installing an appropriate software, you can reset the protection counter of the printer and use your device until fair wear and tear bring the end to its use.

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