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Portenzo BookCase for Nexus 7 Review

Portenzo BookCase for Nexus 7: The team at Portenzo have sent us a BookCase for the Nexus 7. I’m going to start by saying Portenzo is all round amazing, all of the staff are so friendly and helpful, and they add finishing touches to your order like I’ve never seen before. Request an image and ...

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Summary : I love this Porentzo BookCase ! If you wan't a high quality, premium case this is the go to case.

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Portenzo BookCase for Nexus 7:

The team at Portenzo have sent us a BookCase for the Nexus 7. I’m going to start by saying Portenzo is all round amazing, all of the staff are so friendly and helpful, and they add finishing touches to your order like I’ve never seen before. Request an image and Lea, the helpful customer service rep will draw it for you (plus shes great at drawing!). From start to finish the whole experience with Portenzo is brilliant, and it really shines through in the case.

Another thing which is amazing that Portenzo provide, which I believe Portenzo invented, is the build your own case. As all Portenzos are hand made cases they’re built to order. Meaning you can make your tablet look exactly how you want it, using their clever case builder on their website. All I’m saying is if you haven’t got a Portenzo BookCase yet, why not? They are amazing!

When using the online case builder tool you get a wide range of options to really make the case yours. These include:

Portenzo Nexus 7 BookCase



- The outside Color

- Inside Color

- Elastic strap or (optional extra) hidden magnets

- Elastic color

- Optional extra: Intellistand

- Optional extra: embossed on the front

- Optional extra: embossed on the spine

- Optional extra: Stylus with personalisation

Portenzo claim a 5 – 7 day production time, but usually beat that and have it shipped within that time. All cases are shipped through FedEx and shipping charges vary depending on where your from, Portenzo does however ship worldwide.

Once you’ve finished all the necessary steps on the building tool, you should see your chosen options implemented on the case preview to the left of the building options. Once your happy with the design of your BookCase for Nexus 7 simply click “Add to Cart” as pictured above and fill in your shipping/payment information. After that, sit back and wait and Portenzo will do the rest.

Portenzo BookCase For Nexus 7

As you can see from the picture above, once I’d selected my colors, the preview of the case displayed my chosen options. This helps you visually see what your BookCase for Nexus 7 will look like.

Portenzo BookCase for Nexus 7 Feel:

One thing I will say, is you can not only see the build quality of these BookCases by Portenzo, but as soon as you pick it up you can definitely feel that its been built to last, I know people who’ve had Portenzo cases, particularly the BookCase that are still holding up after 2 and a half years, and still look and feel as sturdy and well built as it did back then. The outside, is a hard exterior, with a slight textural feel to it, slightly bumpy but not uncomfortable to hold. If you push your nail/finger into it very lightly, you can feel however that the outside is in fact soft, and the hardness comes from an under layer of the case. The strap feels like any other strap, and lets be honest I don’t think there’s much Portenzo can do with a strap, however they do double glue the strap which means that it should never come unstuck. Flipping the Portenzo bookcase on its side and again it doesn’t fail to impress, the Wooden holster (for the tablet) is unbelievably smooth and you just get an image of someone filing away to perfection ( I did anyway ). The wood is obviously treated to ensure it doesn’t rot etc. The inside of the case (where the color is) is velvety smooth, and is so pleasant to just run your fingers down. If you feel the four corners, of the inside of the wood, there’s black sort of sticky plastic pieces, as well as the very tight fit (as its custom made per tablet) these black sticky pieces help the case fully grip your device, ensuring that there’s no possibility of your device flying out of the case when/if dropped.

Portenzo BookCase for Nexus 7 Look:

The Portenzo BookCase is THE nicest looking case I’ve ever come across, although its bound to be as I basically created the case I wanted and would be the same for everyone else. Being able to choose the colors of the outside, inside and strap just enables you to create a case exactly how you picture it in your mind. The blue strap I chose, is darker than I expected but is still a very nice color. I chose the black outside, and a sky blue inside. The sky blue is absolutely beautiful and is in fact nicer than I pictured. It just looks brilliant, the black and blue compliment each other very well, and the darker blue strap just completes my experience. If blue isn’t your color, don’t worry there’s a wide range of available choices, take a look at their case builder and I’m positive you’ll not only find a case you love, but you’ll find a case you can’t help but purchase! I also had my name, and TapThatTech embossed on my case, which just further adds to my awesome experience with Portenzo, the embossing is very professionally done, and doesn’t ruin the case as some embossing methods do. This embossing actually adds to the case and, if possible, makes it that bit more professional. Of course, as the name describes when the case is closed it does resemble a book, however not to the point that you’d mistake it as a book within a bookshelf etc. I’ll end this by saying, that if you were using a Portenzo bookcase out and about, I can guarantee you’d get some looks and even people asking “what is that case” etc. I think I could go as far as saying, its genuinely the nicest Device case I’ve ever owned, and it will certainly outlast my Tablet.





Portenzo BookCase Nexus 7 1

Portenzo BookCase for Nexus 7 Intellistand:

This is also a genuinely very clever method of implementing a really strong, secure and sound stand to enable to you to use your device in the case without holding it. You literally sort of bend the case, until it half pops off and then you simply push the case forward until you feel the magnets pick each other up. This not only creates an easy to use stand, but a stand that doesn’t move, wobble or fall over when you use it. Intellistand image:

Portenzo BookCase for Nexus 7 Intellistand

Portenzo BookCase for Nexus 7 Strength:

The BookCase for the Nexus 7 is very surprising, usually you’ll make a trade-off between protection and looks. Not with Portenzo, they have literally covered everything possible, its like cases are their life! Which is great for the consumer. As the outside is very hard, it’ll easily stand up to general usage and drops. The wooden inside is certainly going to give your tablet great protection and the black grips as mentioned earlier keep it snugly in place. The inside velvety part of the case will also keep your screen nice and secure, and should give it some protection from falls etc. However with a case like this, you’ll not want to drop it as much as you don’t want to drop the device itself. The strength of the case itself is unbelievable, it feels so well built and Portenzo definitely have longevity in mind.

Portenzo BookCase for Nexus 7 Pro’s and Con’s:


  • One of the nicest (if not the nicest) looking cases on the market
  • Extremely well built
  • Very snug fit
  • High quality materials
  • Custom Built to Order
  • You get to choose every aspect of the case
  • Extremely helpful and friendly staff
  • Will last a very long time (probably outlive your device)


  • Price may put some off

Portenzo BookCase for Nexus 7 Price:

Varies depending on choices and optional extras:

From $49.99 to about $79.99

Portenzo provide an all round enjoyable experience and add as much personality as you can possibly get from a case, just have a look at their Facebook and you’ll see what I mean, things such as adding a custom artwork to your packaging etc.

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