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Android 4.3 Camera App Leaks with Photosphere; Download it Here



Photosphere Leaks for all Devices; Available for download:

When Photosphere was released it caused quite a stir within the Android community, some we’re disappointing that photosphere wasn’t available for their devices, others we’re just not sure on how to use the new functions. As many of you may know, the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 both have Google Play versions, which run Vanilla, aka Stock Android JellyBean. However, there is one feature that they have, that even Google’s own Nexus 4 lags, a new camera app. The revamped camera app was speculated to be a feature in the upcoming Android 4.3, but for some reason, HTC and Samsung decided to include this in their Google Play Devices.

The camera app is pretty much similar, however, they have revamped the settings menu, and you can now use your volume up and down buttons as the camera button. You also get the famed PhotoSphere, and HDR, if your device supports.  Photosphere allows you to create 360° photographs to capture everything you want to capture in a single photograph.

Android Photosphere

If you don’t have the Google Play devices, you’re in luck. Some good folk extracted the files from the stock Android image of one of those devices, and made it a standalone APK for you to download and install. A reddit user, and an XDA Developers’ member both posted download links to it:

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

You can download it and install like a normal APK, without needing root permissions. According to feedback it is said to work on Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean, though we are not sure about older versions (let us know in the comments).

Simply download the APK straight to your device, open it with your trusty file manager goto your “Downloads” folder and tap the APK, it will then just install onto your device as if the app was from the Play store, the only thing left to do is enjoy your new camera app, and if supported by your device the “Photosphere” functions.

(Via AndroidAuthority)

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