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Galaxy S4 Extended Battery; Mugen 5500 mAh

S4 Extended Battery

S4 Extended Battery Now Available; Mugen 5500 mAh:

One of the biggest factors that people enjoy a removable battery is the option to keep replacement batteries, or extended batteries for specific devices. Lately, Zero Lemon has been putting together some amazing extended batteries. In fact they have a 9300mAh one for the Galaxy Note 2. Today, Mugen announced their S4 Extended Battery which comes in at 5500mAh. That’s a pretty large battery for a 5-inch device. In theory it should last a few days, depending on usage of course.

Mugen Power has been creating extended batteries and extra batteries for a long time now. I remember getting a Mugen extended battery for my HTC HD2 at one point. The stock battery for the Galaxy S4 will last about 4 hours of video streaming. But with the S4 Extended Battery by Mugen, it’ll go to about 8 hours and 17 hours of talk time. These numbers are often flittered around however, and very rarely materialize for the majority of people.

Right now, the Mugen S4 Extended Battery is priced at about $89.50. They’ll begin shipping on July 22nd. The backplate for the Galaxy S4 does come in both white and black and does have NFC support. It looks like if you’re picking up one of the new colors for the Galaxy S4, which Samsung announced last week. You won’t have a matching backplate. But if you’re battery lasts for days thanks to Mugen, does that really matter?

It’s always great to see more extended batteries available and especially the S4 Extended Battery as its one of the most popular device on the market. Right now Samsung has their own “extended” battery, which isn’t that much bigger. Zero Lemon also has one coming soon, if its not out already. I believe that one is supposed to be around 7500mAh. If you can spare $90 for an extended battery, then you’ll definitely want to give this one a try.

You can buy the Mugen S4 Extended Battery here. How many of you own the Galaxy S4 and wish you could get just a few more hours out of your battery? Anyone going to pick up one of the S4 Extended Battery from Mugen? Let us know in the comments below.

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