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First Look at The Verizon HTC One

Verizon HTC One


Verizon HTC One pictured for the First Time:

Back in June, Verizon announced that they would be carrying the HTC One. Well, it looks like they kept their word, since popular Twitter leaver, @evleaks, has just revealed a picture of the Verizon HTC One. Contrary to their usual, the Verizon HTC One actually looks like the factory unlocked HTC One. If you’re wondering why we said that, Verizon, and a handful of other carriers, have a habit of visually, and sometimes internally, modifying the phones they carry, while retaining the original name (That too, sometimes).

However, this picture shows that the HTC One that Verizon will be carrying, looks just like its unlocked counterpart, there is nothing on the phone that makes it any different, that is, until we see the back of the phone, which will most probably be carrying a subtle Verizon logo. How do we know this is the Verizon version, and not just another HTC One? Well, look closely at the status bar near the top of the phone, and you can spot the familiar looking 4G icon.

At this point, this really could be just something done using PhotoShop, but considering the leaker’s past record, we highly doubt it.

You may be asking, what does this mean for you? Why would you want to buy a Verizon branded phone, rather than the unlocked one? Allow us to shed some light on that. Basically, two things. 4G, and Cost. With the Verizon HTC One, you can now easily and efficiently use their great 4G services, for a blazing fast internet experience. As for cost, you get the phone on a long term contract, and considering how previous phones were, you will probably get the HTC One on a 2 year contract. You will need to pay a minimal price for the handset at the beginning of your contract, and after that, you will be paying a specific amount frequently (Depending on your data/service package), either monthly, or on 6 month periods etc., the thing is, the amount you will pay frequently, will be almost equal to the amount you would normally pay for those services, but this time, they would cover the phone’s cost as well, so essentially, all you have to pay for the phone itself, is the amount you paid at the start of the contract. However, if during the 2 month contract, you want a different handset, you can always pay the termination fee and switch the the phone or carrier of your choice.

As for when you can snag the phone, Verizon said its coming ‘This Summer,’ which isn’t really specific if you ask me. Hopefully, soon.

(Via Engadget)

Have you already gotten the HTC One? Or were you waiting for it to arrive on Verizon or your preferred carrier? Also, is the two month commitment good for you, or do you  feel the need to change your phone more frequently than this contract allows? Let us know in the comments below.

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