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Earn Money with Adsense WITHOUT a Website; InfoGraphic

 Google Adsense Revenue Streams; Earn without a Website!!

Adsense can be one of the hardest online revenue streams to get accepted into. I’ll be honest with you all here, the hardest way to get into Adsense is actually using a website to apply. There are far easier ways to get into Adsense, which can actually get you approved within hours but that’s a whole other story.

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You can also monetize content on the web without having a website, which may be a god send to some. Use the infographic below to find 7 variations to Adsense you may not have known about:

Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites


Theres surely something here for everyone, if your Camera shy then the YouTube side may not be for you, but then theres other methods such as HubPages and Squidoo, which you could use to share your expertise on certain subjects/areas, and monetize the content you produce. Something in the list will definitely be able to help you use your Adsense account, and make money from your online content.

Using one or more of these methods to earn from Adsense will surely help you start to get an income from the internet. This is not a “Get Rich Quick Scheme” but with a little work and effort put in can start earning you money on Auto-pilot, for example upload a video to YouTube and its there forever, this means it could be earning you revenue forever !

TapThatTech are thinking of producing a method of getting accepted into Adsense as we have a few niche methods that GUARANTEE approval, tried and tested by us. If your struggling to find a way to get accepted, contact us using the “Contact Us” page at the top of the page, or Click Here.

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