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Colocated Sever Hosting VS Dedicated Hosting – Knowing the Differences

Server Hosting

Differences between Server Hosting:

When selecting the hosting solution that is just right for your requirements, you will be faced with a tough choice – the all important selection between dedicated server hosting and colocated server hosting. But as you can understand from just reading these terms, they are highly technical equipment and you really need to know what you are evaluating before making the final choice. Of course, the financials involved in your decision will be huge, but that is not all that makes this choice critical. There are huge efforts involved in installing the new server and migrating to it from the old one. Repeating that whole process is simply uncalled for! But even this is not the biggest problem that you will face with a poorly made choice.  The server that you will end up selecting for your processes and requirements will have a huge bearing on the flow of operations in the future. And that is something that you really do not want to mess up!

So let’s start by understanding what exactly these two types of servers are so that you can make a choice between the two and ACTUALLY know what you are doing.

Dedicated Server Hosting:

Dedicated is generally used by those people who have a large amount of data to be stored and a huge amount of traffic to managed on their websites. These types of servers are generally leased from a professional and are usually paid for by the customer according to the bill cycle and prices offered by the hosting services provider. The configuration of the server will also play an important role in your choice along with costs of using dedicated server hosting. The hosting platform also happens to be another important aspect that you should be paying attention to. In case you are not aware of these technicalities, the hosting platform is the operating system that you choose for running on your server. Mostly it is going to be a choice between Windows and Linux as these are THE most preferred server operating systems in the market.

Next, if you choose dedicated server hosting from a provider, you will not have to worry about security, maintenance, configuration and other aspects. These will be managed by the hosting services provider at his end. You will get Root Administrator access to the server, allowing you to install your applications and make the changes that you think are needed. You will also be provided with Control Panel access that will help you manage many administration tasks. Therefore, if your data requirements warrant their use and you have the funds and resources to invest here, dedicated server hosting should be your choice!

Colocated server hosting:

When you think about colocated server hosting, you are looking at a different concept entirely. This format covers the hardware of the customer (that is YOU) and this hardware is placed at a data center, provided and maintained by the colocation services provider. Therefore, if you are choosing to go for colocated server hosting, you ought to have your own hardware. Now you would think that it will also be your responsibility to maintain and secure all the hardware that you have placed in the data center space offered to you by the colocated server hosting provider. However, there still are many data centers who will provide you with security and maintenance services for the servers, but at least the software will have to be managed by you. This option will involve a considerable amount of financial investment on your part. But if you own or manage large websites, have to deal with enormous amounts of traffic everyday and particularly have many download and uploads going through your site, then colocated server hosting is the best and most efficient option for you.

This option is also beneficial because the extent of data flow and traffic numbers make the expense of bandwidth a whole lot more than the expense of taking up the service. There are many colocated server hosting service providers who provide servers on rent for those customers who do not own their own hardware. With the shared bandwidth cost between web host and ISP providers (that usually pay less for bandwidth charge) and the flexibility of options, colocated server hosting happens to be a great choice!

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