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Apple’s Third Beta iOS 7 Big News Release

iOS 7 vs iOS6

iOS7 System News:

With critics labeling iOS 7 as the most advanced mobile operating system, the release of the third beta version ofiOS7 is eagerly awaited by Apple fanatics and developers in general. In previous versions of iOS 7, specifically iOS 7 beta two, Apple started support for the iPad, thus it is expected that this new version will open up to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touches. More refinements and cool capabilities are high on the expectations of Apple fans. With Apple seeming to keep a two-week cycle in between their beta releases, the iOS 7 beta three release is expected to be on July 8th according to “trusted sources” familiar with its plans. It is also expected that this software will reach the developers on the same day it reaches the carriers.

The beta 2 version brought iPad support, thus this new build is predicted to be available for all compatible iOS devices. Here is a peek on some of the expected improvements in iOS 7 beta 3 will make on its beta 2 predecessor. In previous beta versions, Apple has updated many of its apps. These include: the weather app, the camera, the calendar, the notifications center, the video player and also the alarm. Most of the limitations on folders have also been removed and an updated on the password code entry has been made. Next week’s release of iOS 7 beta 3 is expected to feature more changes here.

From a design stand point, the company has made everything much simpler. In iOS 7 beta 2, a new control panel was added that slides from the bottom of the home screen. This new control panel gives you a much quicker access to frequently-used settings such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, airplane mode and also gives a faster access to AirDrop, AirPlay and a slider for your current music. This iOS 7 version also features a new flash light. In beta version 2, many icons have been redesigned with new color palettes and fonts. Example of these includes: the native stock, iTunes store and the Newstand applications. Among other changes is a re-haul in the Messaging app, with it being made smaller and it features an updated color scheme, and we expect to see no less in iOS 7 beta 3′s release.

Changes are not only evident in the operating system industry however as with the predicted release of iPad 5 in the course of this year, rumors are all about the look and specifications of the new tablet from Apple. With the company pressing for smallness and sleekness in its design, the iPad mini is expected to provide inspiration for the iPad 5. Thus iPad 5 case design will follow mini iPad covers design. Case manufacturers get case specs early on to start the design process early enough before the tablet release. Some of the leaked images of these cases have confirmed that the iPad 5 cases would be styled with mini iPad covers design. Also, Apple accessory manufacturer Minisuit sent images of its new case design to MacRumors. And from this images, the iPad 5 case follows design cues from mini iPad covers.

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