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Android Web Hosting Apps

Android Web Hosting


Android Web Hosting Apps; Tools for your Site!

There is nothing as stressful as knowing that your site is not functional for the reasons that you can do absolutely nothing about. Fortunately, nowadays you can avoid such a scenario by selecting a perfect android app that you can install on your android smartphone to help resolve your web hosting issues without the need for a computer.

Literally, there are hundreds of android apps to choose from and hence it can be quite challenging selecting the best that you can as a web masters. Nevertheless, the following is a list of the best of android web hosting apps that are highly recommended for webmasters based on their handy nature.

Overlook Whiz

This is definitely one of the best web hosting apps as it allows you to cautiously monitor your servers and follow any detailed reports at any time. Although Overlook Whiz cannot be customized, it provides accurate information but its usefulness might be limited. The most interesting thing with this web hosting app is that it can be downloaded for free and hence testing should be done if you want to avoid problems. It is also surprising to note that Overlook Whiz is quite reliable and fast.

OverLook Whiz Android Web Hosting

Server Density

Server Density is another easy to use android app that is very useful in keeping track of your server load at a particular time. This web hosting app not only helps you to identify an existing problem but also it plays a big role in ensuring that the same problem does not come up again. For instance, you can create alerts that notify you each time when a problem arises. Just like most web hosting apps for the android platform, Server Density is free but will need to sign up for an account which might be expensive after the trial period.

Server Density Android Web Hosting

As the name suggests, lets you check your internet speed wherever you are with your android smartphone. Internet speed plays a big role in ensuring that your site functions properly. This app provides you with all the essential data, such as upload and download speed and ping speed. Basically, this allows you to check if are getting the speed you’re paying for. is absolutely a free app.

Speed Test Android Web Hosting

Live Help

Unlike the above mentioned android apps for webhosting, Live Help is a paid for app since you have to pay $20 in order to download it. However, it is very useful as it allows you to monitor your browsing and web site traffic. Live Help also lets you to chat, accept chat requests and view chat history with your web site visitors. Unfortunately, this program can drain your battery at a faster rate and also it takes a lot of space. Nevertheless, it is one of the best web hosting app out there.

Live Help Android Web Hosting


AndFTP is a great android app that not only offers a ton of possibilities ranging from FTP, SCP, FTPS and SFTP client but also it is more reliable and practical. It comes with a file browser that allows you to sync, share, upload and download, delete, rename and naturally open permissions for files stored in your server as well as your mobile device. If you need to access these functions, then you need to get the paid version.

andFTP Android Web Hosting

Dana Scott is a freelance writer who loves to write about various technology themes. Her speciality is cloud, VPS and web and server hosting.


  1. Hey Dana,
    Awesome Apps overall. I’m using Overlook Whiz that is easy to configure with simple interface.But the one you missed is Rackspace, it helps to create, re-size and delete the cloud servers.Also very useful for the web hosting.

  2. How come my web host at doesn’t allow this application? They are very strict on this, maybe that’s the reason why they have never been hacked?

    • Hi Jim, whilst I can’t say for sure all hosting services should allow apps such as these. They may have some SSL or other types of policies stopping certain parts of the app however. Contact them and they should help you get started.

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