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ADW Launcher – Android Launchers Series

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ADW Launcher Review:

As we said before, when using your Android phone, its essential that it is visually, and aesthetically appealing to you, and if the stock look doesn’t cut it for you, this is where Android Launchers come in.

Join us in our Android Launcher series, where we cover the best and most popular launchers, and review them in detail, so you can decide, which one, is the best one for you.

ADW Launcher Overview:

ADW Launcher is an Android Launcher by the developer ‘AnderWebs.’ It is based on the HOLO look, and offers support for 3rd party theming, and your usual amount of features and tweaks.

ADW Launcher Tweaks

ADW Launcher Features:

First up, it supports 3rd party themes, so you can download and use compatible themes from the Google Play Store, or anywhere else. The Launcher also features a Theme Mixer, which let’s you pick your favourite features from individual themes, and combine them to make a theme that you find to be the best for you.

ADW Launcher Themes

Jumping in, you will find ADW Settings, where you can tweak your Launcher how you want it to be.

In the Homescreen settings, you can tweak stuff pertaining to your home screen, such as your page transitions, grid sizes, page scroll indicator settings, and much more

In the App Drawer settings, you can modify the app grid, choose to enable or disable the dock in the App Drawer, choose the type of scrolling, as well as scroll animations, and more.

In Folder settings you get to modify your folder background, style, icon, and scrolling etc.

In the icons menu, you can visually modify all your homescreen icons by tweaking icon scales, colours, labels, sizes etc.

ADW Launcher Theme

In the App Dock settings, you can scale tour dock icons, set the number of icons, allow automatic sizing, and more related to the dock.

In Themes you can choose from 3rd party themes, and also access the theme mixer, and in Gestures, you have your usual gesture settings, such as swipe up, swipe down, double tap etc.

In the System menu, you can choose from a number of presets, as well as backing up and restoring settings and layouts, and in advanced settings you can customize the launcher even further.

General View and Bias:

While this Android Launcher may have as many features as any other such launcher, it really isn’t my cup of tea. Not only is it not buttery smooth for me, but some of the informative graphics are not high res, even on my 720p screen. There is a free version, and a paid version (EX), which is required if you want access to features that are locked on the free version. Overall, its good, but I’d rather use NOVA or APEX Launcher, though this mag not be the case for you.

ADW Launcher:

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ADW Launcher EX (Paid):

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