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Yahoo’s Acquiring Spree Continues; Many More Additions!

Yahoo's acquiring spree continues

Yahoo’s acquiring spree continues: free conference-calling service “Rondee”, iOS photography apps maker “GhostBird software” and broadcast of Sky News morning show “Sunrise” entered the list:

We heard about a news previous month that Yahoo has purchased the blogging site Tumbler for $1.1 billion cash. It’s a big amount, so we thought it’ll keep Yahoo quite for sometime till they gather some cash. But we were wrong, it was just a start. Yahoo’s acquiring spree continues.

Now we are hearing that the free conference-calling service “Rondee” has also been acquired by Yahoo. Rondee has officially announced it on their Website and seems to be really excited about it. On Rondee official website, We’re excited to join Yahoo!’s Small Business team and continue with Yahoo!’s goal of helping small businesses succeed online.” Currently the Rondee service is not available for new users.

Yahoo's acquiring spree continues - Rondee

Not only Rondee, Yahoo has also acquired the “GhostBird Software”.  GhostBird had released three amazing iOS photography apps: KitCam, PhotoForge and PhotForge 2. KitCam allows the users to take pictures using different lenses and films and users can also adjust white balance, exposure and other settings. On the other hand, PhotoForge and PhotoForge 2 are editing app which include cropping, resizing, curves & levels settings and metadata editing.

GhostBird also seems to be excited about joining Yahoo. On GhostBird official website, “As photography enthusiasts, we are long-time admirers of Flickr, and we’re thrilled to be able to bring our technology and passion for beautiful photos to the Flickr team. There has been so much exciting progress at Yahoo! as they re-imagine their most-loved products for mobile, including the awesome new Flickr apps for iOS and Android.”

Yahoo's acquiring spree continues - GhostBird

Users who already have GhostBird Software’s apps KitCam and PhotoForge 2 can continue to use them in their current iOS version, but no update will be provided for new versions. Currently, both these apps are not available for download on App Store, but users who have already purchased the apps can re-download them through iCloud.

At last, Yahoo has also made a deal with “Sky News” of UK. The deal includes that Yahoo will broadcast its morning show “Sunrise” presented by Eamonn Holmes and Charlotte Hawkins, across its web network in 177 countries and will also brodcast the live feed during the breaking news events of Sky News.

Sky News’s chief operating officer, Nick Herm said, “We are always looking for innovative and exciting ways to bring Sky News content to viewers across all platforms. Partnering with Yahoo is a fantastic way to highlight our unique coverage and programmes to new and existing audiences.”

So now we’re left with some questions in our mind that is there anything left in the pockets of Yahoo? Will this acquiring spree continue? Are there more to enter in the list?

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