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T-Mobile’s $30/month Unlimited Data Plan

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T-Mobile $30 per month unlimited data plan is a great choice:

Let me start by asking a question to all my lovely readers, “For what purpose, do you use your phone?” Probably the answer will be to make calls to your friends and family members. But let me remind you all that in today’s time the so called devices, “Phones” are becoming “Smartphones” and will soon probably dubbed “Superphones”. To make full use of a Smartphone, you need a nice “Data Plan” to download unlimited games and applications, stream music and browse the web. There are many Smartphone owners in world who mostly use their devices to play games, watch videos and download music; and to use other data-absorbing features and apps on their Smartphone. But don’t make many calls from it.

For such people, there’s a $30 monthly plan (for new activations only) offered by the T-mobile. This $30/month plan is quite cheap and provides unlimited data usage with first 5 GB at up to 4G speed and voice calls of 100 minutes.  These 100 minutes of voice calls might not be enough for many people but for a person like me who rarely make any calls rather spend most of his time on internet watching and exploring stuff around the web, these 100 minutes are more than enough. So this plan is really eye catching and perfect for users like me. But the limited 4G speed for first 5 GB usage of every month might not be suitable for some users. So If you are thinking to get this plan, it can be little difficult. But the steps below will be helpful for you to find the plan: [Note: T-mobile Network might not be the best in your area. Better find any other carrier and plan which suits best for your area.]

  • First of all, visit the “T-Mobile Prepaid Website”.
  • On the main page you’ll find a pink color text “Unlimited talk + text + web plans” under which some monthly plans are mentioned. At the bottom you’ll find a black color “Browse Plans” link. Click on that link.T-Mobile (1)

Now you’ll see some plans listed on monthly and daily basis. But you cannot select any plan directly from there. You’ll find a black color Header “Get Started” somewhere on the page, under which “Shop phones” and “Bring your own device” options are available. T-Mobile (2)

  • If you prefer buying the phone then just click on the “Shop Phone” link and buy a phone of your choice. The phone will be shipped to you. After that all left to do is just select the plan and activate your phone. T-Mobile (3)
  • But instead of buying a new phone, if you prefer using your current phone then click on the “Bring your own device”. You’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll be asked to check if your device is compatible with T-mobile or not. Then you’ll be asked to order the SIM card (you can also choose a Micro SIM card). T-Mobile (3a) T-Mobile (4) T-Mobile (5)

It’ll take about a week for SIM card to arrive. And you can activate the plan only after receiving the SIM. There’s a risk that this $30/month plan might not be available after a week, but this risk is minor. But if you want to avoid this risk, there’s a quick but a little costly way. As this plan is available for new activation’s only, you better buy a new T-Mobile pay-as-you-go phone from local WalMart and call T-Mobile service to activate the $30/month plan. Now you can use the T-Mobile SIM in your device to enjoy the service of the plan.  As the T-mobile WalMart phones accept only regular sized SIM cards, you can grab the micro SIM-card from the T-mobile store. [Note: Current Prepaid customers of T-mobile can’t just change their plan; otherwise they might be subjected to plan termination fees. Better let you old plan expire first.] The $30/month plan comes without annual contract and users can also set up autopay, which means users will not have to take any tension of making payments every month.

Source: T-Mobile Prepaid Website

Via: Android Authority

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