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Anti-Theft to Improve Security; Samsung to Introduce “Kill Switch”

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Anti-Theft Features from Samsung to bring “Kill Switch” for its Smartphones as soon as from July:

Cellphone theft is increasing very fast these days. In a report by The New York Times it was mentioned that in cities like Washington and San Francisco in the United States, cellphone theft is involved in over 40% of the all robberies. And 14% of the robberies in New York involve the theft of iPhones and iPads. A cellphone theft not only includes a cellphone, but also a person’s personal data like pictures, videos, contacts etc. So it’s clear that cellphone theft is becoming a big issue and cellphone manufacturers as well as carriers should do something about it as soon as possible.

To talk about this increasing problem, recently the New York’s Attorney General Erich Schneiderman invited various Smartphone manufacturers and partners for a conference on 13th of June. The discussion on that conference was about “Kill Switch”. Now we are hearing that a Korean-based electronics company will be working on it and will release it very soon. The release is expected to happen in next month July. The Korean company we’re talking about is Samsung which is the world’s largest Smartphone maker and might be bringing the “Kill Switch” feature in its Smartphones from July. Bringing an anti-theft feature for Smartphones is a must needed step and will really bring a positive change.

What is a “Kill Switch”?

A kill Switch is an anti-theft feature which will allow the carriers, manufacturers and may be even the U.S. Government to lock, wipe and brick the Smartphone remotely when it gets stolen. The data in the device can be controlled keeping it safe from the hands of strangers. Once a Smartphone is locked it cannot be used any longer anywhere in the world, neither by using a new prepaid SIM card nor by a new carrier.

There’s no detail information about this upcoming “Kill Switch” feature as Samsung has not revealed it officially yet. But as the releasing of this feature is expected to come in next month, we are really excited about it and will cover the latest updates about it.

Source: MK (Korean)

Via: Android Authority

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