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NOVA Launcher – Which Launcher is the best for you? – Android Launchers


As we said yesterday, it is necessary to choose the best Android launcher for your device, and too help you with that, we will be covering the most popular ones, daily.

Today, we are covering one of the best, and most popular Android launchers out there, NOVA Launcher.

NOTE, while we will be covering the free version, we will also mention the features of the payed Prime version.

Let’s jump right into it.


So, after installing it, you will notice that you’re home screen looks like that of the Nexus, or any other AOSP device, but do not be fooled, you can customize it as you want, to your utmost liking.

Lets see how you can customize it, so In the NOVA settings, you will have a couple of options, Desktop, Drawer, Dock, Folders, Look and Feel, Gestures and Buttons, Unread Counts, New Apps, Backup and Import.


The desktop option lets you customize everything you see on the homescreen, your Page layout, grid layout, number of pages, Icon sizing, margins, shadows, scroll effects, and even stuff to do with icon labels and widgets.
In drawer, you can customize your app drawer, hide apps, edit the grid, as well as other miscellaneous options.
In the dock menu, you can edit your dock height, margins, pages, and number of icons, and hide your dock altogether.
In the folders option, you can set custom backdrops for folders, as well as the shale of the folder icons.
In look and feel, you can change the colour themes, activate icon theme packs, and edit other options such as scroll speeds and animations.
In Gestures and Buttons, you can assign different actions and tasks for buttons as well as on screen touch gestures.
In unread counts, you can enable and edit the unread counts for almost all apps that can use this feature, such as your messaging app, etc.
In new apps, you can edit settings for what the launcher should do when a brand new app is installed, and finally, in Backup and restore, as the name implies, you can backup and restore not only your NOVA settings, but also your complete homescreen layout, complete with apps, folders, and widgets.
On top of that, you can also manually assign custom Icons to any of your homescreen icons, and folders!

Sounds pretty good, right? Do not, however, for some of these features, such as gestures, widget overlapping, unread counts, you need to purchase the Paid version of NOVA Launcher, NOVA Launcher Prime.

General View and Bias:

Overall, NOVA Launcher is a pretty amazing launcher, with a plethora of features, customization, and a low price tag for the Prime version, this is my personal favourite launcher, and is the one I use the most.

Also, the customer service provided by the developers is great, so you shouldn’t have any problems with issues you have with the Launcher.

Should I buy it?

As we said in our previous post, it all comes down to personal preference, but yes, this Launcher is definitely one you should download, and if you can spare a couple of bucks, get the Prime version as well.

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Join us tomorrow, as we cover another Android Launcher, and help you decide which one is the best one for you.

You can also leave a comment down below with the name of a launcher you want/like, and we’ll be sure to cover that.

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