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Nexus 7 Ageing Disgracefully; Users Reporting Issues

Nexus 7


Nexus 7 Suffering in Recent Times; or Just co-incidence?

The much-loved 7 inch tablet from Google’s Nexus range is suffering in its old age. Users have identified huge performance issues, with slow OS and lag settling in like dust on a launch model PS3. But if the hardware which was so well reviewed and received by the masses is still the same, what’s gone wrong?

It would seem that as time has passed and updates have rolled out, the demands of Androids increasingly powerful OS have slapped down the silky performance that the 1GB RAM device used to offer. Android 4.2 is where most users seem to have pinpointed things going wrong, which is unfortunate for those who wanted to stick with their current tablet in the wake of the Nexus 7’s new version announcement.

The Nexus 7’s 2nd gen will have 2GB RAM, amongst other improvements like a better screen. A cynic might wonder if these performance issues could be avoided were Google less keen on selling more of their latest shiny bit of kit, but either way, there doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel for owners of the current gen.

Rebooting your device will result in the firmware going to the factory settings, but once the updates kick in you’ll be back to sluggish performance, wondering what happened to the great tablet you bought. It’s a shame, as user’s associate new versions of Android with greater performance, new features and generally getting more from their device, but it looks like this time the big G is suffocating its most successful tablet with extra software that the hardware can’t stomach.

I personally love my Nexus 7 and think its brilliant, the form factor is great and makes it very easy and comfortable to hold. I can also say I personally haven’t experience issues with my Nexus 7 just yet, but that could be because I’m not running Stock Android. My Nexus 7 is powered by Paranoid Android with M-Kernel and it flies, yes it has the odd jittery occasion but just clearing down my cache restores my Nexus 7 back on form!

Are you experiencing any issues such as these with your Nexus 7? Let us know in the comments!

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