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Next Launcher 3D – Which Android launcher is the best for you? – Android Launchers

Next Launcher 3D


Next Launcher 3D; Android Launcher Series

Next Launcher 3D is next up in our Android Launcher Series

As we said before, when using your Android phone, its essential to make sure that its interface is aesthetically, and visually appealing, and if the default look doesn’t cut it for you, that is where Android Launchers come in.

What is the Best Launcher for you, a series where we cover the hottest and best Android Launchers available, to help you decide which one, is the right one for you. Previously, we covered NOVA Launcher, if you missed that, check it out here.

Join us today, as we cover the latest and critically aclaimed Premium Android Launcher, ‘Next Launcher 3D,’ made by the brilliant minds behind Go Launcher.

Next Launcher 3D

Next Launcher 3D Features:

Next Launcher 3D, as the name implies, focuses more on the 3D effects of the Launcher, while jot sacrificing smoothness, or a ton of features.
What we’re looking at, is support for third party themes, both paid and free; custom compatible widgets and plugins, and the usual options of customizing the launcher.
The launcher is fully 3D, and everything works with amazing animations and fluid movement.
The good thing is, there is no fixed homescreen grid, so you can essentiially place everything anywhere you want, and can also resize icons and widgets.
Swiping up or down on the dock brings up menus that let you add or edit your homescreen, add shortcuts or widgets to it, modify settings, change wallpapers and themes etc.
There are also tons of homescreen transitions, and animations, including some 3D beta ones, such as cloth and crystal.

In the preferences menu, you get Screen settings, Dock settings, App Drawer settings, Effects settings, Gestures, Advanced settings, and Backup and Restore settings.

In Screen settings, you have options for setting orientation, enabling/disabling the next key for scrolling, hiding icons and the status bar, enabling/disabling dynamic wallpaper effect, infinity scrolling, scrolling speed, home screen grid, and reference lines, and a fully featured, highly powerful and detailed icon editor.
In Dock settings, you get to enable and disable the iOS-esque dock backround, set the number of dock pages, infinity scroll, and deactivate the dock altogether.
In App Drawer settings, you can edit your app drawer background, choose the blur the wallpaper behind it, edit the icon grid, activate infinity scroll, choose to hide the multi functional action bar, and toggle between horizontal and vertical scrolling.
In Effects, you can choose from a plethora of homescreen transition effects, choose to swing homescreen items when you turn pages, adjust the swing amplitude, as well as choose app drawer transition effects and edit icon clicking and folder opening effects.

Next Launcher 3D

In Gestures you can set custom actions for basic gestures, like swiping up, swiping down, etc.
In Advances settings, you can enable notification counters, Launcher language, andock your screen, to prevent unnecessary editing.
Lastly, in Backup and Restore, you can backup and restore your Launcher settings and layouts.

Next Launcher 3D General View & Bias:

In general, I really like this launcher, and for such an early build, it is extremely stable, smooth, and amazing.

There is a plethora of features, widgets, plugins, themes, and just enough to give your phone an amazing feel.

While this may or may not be a Minimalist’s cup of tea, it certainly is pretty amazing and beautiful for the day to day user, or the person who likes 3D effects and looks.


The only thing I don’t get, is the extremely steep price tag of $16. It is a great launcher, and competes with the others out there, and while the price is on par with other premium 3D launchers such as TSF shell etc, I really do not understand why they would charge so much for an Android launcher. The good thing is, you can download the Lite version here, and try out all the premium version features for free, for 86 hours, so you can decide before you buy.

Should I get Next Launcher 3D?

If shelling out $16 is not an issue for you, and you are not much if a minimalist, then yes, I would recommend you to get this Launcher.

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Join us next time, as we cover another popular Android launcher, so you can choose which one, is the right one for you.

Also, leave a comment below with the name of a Launcher you’d like us to review, and we’ll be sure to cover it.

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