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Google to Down-Rank Websites that don’t Serve Mobile Versions

Google to down-rank websites

Google to Down-Rank websites with content which is not Smartphone friendly:

In this era of Smartphones, there are a lot of things we cover on our Smartphones instead of on a desktop, including web surfing. But there are many websites that don’t serve mobile versions and redirect to Generic Homepage.  Such websites are very annoying and irritating which don’t allow you to go to a specific page, rather bring you back to the homepage. Everyone’s favorite search giant Google has recently announced that they will down-rank the websites with such mistakes. This step by Google to down-rank websites is made to provide the best web experience to the Smartphone users.

Currently Google is targeting at two most common mistakes:

Faulty Redirects:

As mentioned before, some websites don’t serve mobile versions and redirect to an irrelevant page in Smartphone-optimized website. An example is shown in the image below, when all pages of a desktop website redirect to the Homepage of Smartphone-optimized site on a Smartphone. The red arrows show the faulty redirects.

Google to Down-Rank websitesSuch redirects miss lead the users and are very disturbing when using a slow connection. Google suggest the websites with such faulty redirects to provide the equivalent Smartphone-optimized page instead of the Homepage. If the required content is not Smartphone friendly, then its better provide the desktop content to users instead of redirecting to any irrelevant page. Google recommend having separate URLs for desktop and mobile versions of a website.

Smartphone-only Errors:

It happens to a lot of users when they access content on the web but the page shows an error. These are Smartphone-only errors and some reasons behind such errors are listed below:

  • There are many websites with different URLs for their desktop and mobile versions. If users try to visit the desktop website from their Smartphones, then they should be redirected to the mobile version of the website instead of showing “404” or soft “404” page.
  • Error when the content is not available on Smartphone friendly format. As said earlier, it’s better to provide desktop version instead of showing the error to the users.
  • Google also recognize the incorrect handling of Googlebot-Mobile as an error.
  • There many flash and unplayable videos which are embedded on websites work properly on a desktop but not on a Smartphone.

So Google really care about its users and don’t want them to have a bad experience with faulty redirected pages, error pages and unplayable videos. Google wants the web pages to be responsible for providing the best and better content to the Smartphone users, instead of annoying them.

Google recommend all the website owners to check their websites for different mobile devices and operating systems, also to test the videos and eliminate all the mis-configurations. This will definitely improve the mobile network and users will be more than happy by having an improved full access to the contents.

Source: Google Webmaster Central Blog

Via: Android Police

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