Sunday , 9 February 2014
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Gold Plated Galaxy S4; Burn a Hole in your Pocket!

Gold Plated Galaxy S4


Gold Plated Galaxy S4 now Available; Hefty Price Tag!

If you do have the cash to throw around, why not buy one of the best Android phones ever and get it gold plated? Well if you have about $2,600 burning a hole in your pocket, then you can get yourself a Gold Plated Galaxy S4. You can also get one wrapped in Platinum or Rose Gold.

This is not the first time we’ve seen ridiculously priced luxury smartphones hanging around. Just like a car, some will pay a pretty hefty premium to get their favorite Android phone. In fact, Lamborghini has a few Android phones and the company VERTU offers a few costing upwards of 10 grand. Luckily this Galaxy S4 is much cheaper, but still insanely priced. Having a gold plated Galaxy S4 may be important to some, but personally I think having a gold plated Galaxy S4 is a waste, considering this device will only be current for around 8/12 months in todays market.

Gold Plated Galaxy S4

TAG Heuer even has a few smartphones topping $4,000 and beyond. It is ridiculous, but we know our readers look to drool over things like this, so we thought we should post it. The company GoldGenie is responsible for making Samsung’s gold plated Galaxy S4  you see today, but they are sold out right now. Which is actually quite surprising considering the hefty price tag it holds.

Besides getting a gold plated Galaxy S4, the $2,600 price tag also gets you the choice of a black or white version of the phone and 16GB of internal storage, yes thats right for this price tag they couldn’t even make it the 32GB verion! Along with the normal specs we already know from the Galaxy S4. The device is unlocked so you can run it on virtually any GSM carrier worldwide. As for the weight of the gold plated Galaxy S4 I’d guess its going to be a whole lot weightier than the original plastic S4′s.

Gold Plated Samsung S4

Each unit also comes in a Limited edition Cherry Oak finished box for the collector inside. So does that make this worth the purchase? In my opinion, no. But hey some people want a gold-plated phone. I’m just not one of them. How many of you have this kind of cash laying around?

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