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New Evernote Update brings “Reminders” and More!


Evernote Update brings Reminders, Amongst other features;

The famous “Evernote” app is widely used and is one of the “Must have” apps you can find for your Smartphone. Evernote had a major update of adding “Reminders (Alarms)” for its iOS, Mac and Web users. Unfortunately Android was missing this update.

And now after two weeks, this update knocked at the doors of Android too. The new updated Evernote 5.1 is now available on Google Play store. Evernote is used for making notes, to-do lists, tasks, capture photos and record voices to remind things, and these are searchable whether you are at home or anywhere else. And this new “Reminder (Alarm)” feature is a big positive change in Evernote made by the Evernote Corporation in this update.

Now you can create reminders in any note view and note composers. You’ll find an Alarm icon on the top of notes. When you click on that icon, a pop-up screen will appear which allow you to set the time and date for the alarm.  You can also choose whether you want an Android notification when your deadline comes. After you’re finished setting the alarm, it’ll be pinned to the top of the notes.

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Another feature is “Note based to-dos”, which means now you can also mark the notes as done. Talking about Business and Share notebooks, there’s a new “Subscribe” feature added which allow you to subscribe to reminders.

There are also some other improvements which are: better copy and paste in note view, corrected photo order in multi-shot camera, improved shortcut functionality and Japanese support too.

So overall it’s a good update but hasn’t brought all features that Evernote users want, because you can’t set recurring reminders for regular and repeating tasks like monthly bills and appointments. So we expect from Evernote Corporation to add a way to set such recurring alarms in next update.


Source: Google Play

Via: Android Authority

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