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Emotion UI, Huawei’s Latest UI for Android Released

Emotion UI

Emotion UI, Huawei’s latest version of Software for Android released; a Demo Video dropped by Huawei:

The company Huawei which brought the slimmest Smartphone of the world “Ascend P6” also revealed the new version of their software for Android “Emotion UI” on the Ascend A6 launch. Huawei said that the new Emotion UI is prepared and improved from feedbacks of users, media and partners; and is simple to use and modifications are easier than stock Android.

Huawei has dropped a new demo video of their “Emotion UI” and it looks like the company is trying to target the people emotionally with the relaxed music and visual effects in the video.

Following are the features which we get to know about “Emotion UI” in the video:

  • “Magic Unlock”: For quick access to your favorite application directly from the unlock screen.
  • “UniHome”: For improved usability by combining Home Screen with Main Menu.
  • “Me Widget”: A single customizable widget for all functions and information you need.
  • “Shake Wallpaper”: A really nice feature which allows you to change the wallpaper by simply shaking your phone.
  • “Online Themes”: Over 100 different cool and stylish themes to download.
  • “Smart Dialing”: Just like Samsung, Huawei also added this feature which allows you to search and match numbers/contacts easily. Just start typing the number in dialing pad, related numbers/contacts will appear.
  • “Gesture Control”: Another amazing feature which allows you to mute the incoming call just by flipping your phone.
  • “Camera”:
    - A new but no so impressing feature in Emotion UI is that you can take pictures from your Bluetooth Headset. The question is that what is the need of this feature?
    - 360 degree Panoramic Shooting, HDR
    - “Super Zoom”: Bigger Focal length for better picture details.
  • “AirSharing”
  • “Power Manager”: Maximize the battery life of your phone intelligently.
  • “Security Manager”: Protection against the 8 most widespread security risks. Removes malware and provide system optimization.
  • “Cloud +”: Synchronized storage for your data.

Overall, Emotion UI is really a nice skin for Android and will definitely give a nice competition to the Samsung’s TouchWiz. Check the demo video of Emotion UI below and share your thoughts with us in comments.

Source: Huawei Device (YouTube)

Via: Android Authority

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