Wednesday , 10 February 2016
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Acer Liquid Range; Providing Smaller 3.5″ Devices

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A 3.5-inch Android phone dubbed the Acer Liquid? Usually when we see Android phones below 4.7-inches we think of them as mid-range or low-end devices. Because all the flagships are 4.7-inch or larger. In fact, even the iPhone has graduated to 4-inches from 3.5-inches. That’s something we never thought would happen. But Acer wants to prove that they can make a good phone that is 3.5-inches. Because well some people do still like smaller phones and I personally think that Acer has done something brilliant with their Acer Liquid and will definitely fill a gap within the market. Some users just do not want a device that barely fits in their pockets, so this could be their perfect device.


According to Acer:

“A lot of people have started abandoning 3.5-inch. No, we are going to persist on 3.5 inch and we are going to make a 3.5 inch suitable for a segment of people that treasure smaller screen devices”. Acer’s Smartphone division president ST Liew also said “We are going to announce a 3.5-inch device that is proud to be small.”

In which he is referring to the Acer Liquid ZX.

Acer’s strategy is to not just focus on the low-end.

“We believe that we will capture small screen smartphone and large screen smartphone”

Said Liew referring to their 3.5-inch Acer Liquid ZX and their 5.7-inch Acer Liquid S1.

Acer also likes to keep their devices almost stock. Meaning quicker updates, and not a whole lot of bloat like some OEMs throw on their devices. But on the other hand, Acer has had trouble in the US. These two devices will probably not make it into the US anytime soon.

I can see why Acer has gone with this strategy, considering that almost all other manufacturers are producing cell phones that are boarder line tablets, such as the Galaxy Note’s. As long as Acer stick with high end specs in the liquid devices, these could be a very popular choice for users upon release and could cause quite a stir in the market. 5 years ago manufacturers were all fighting to make the smallest devices maybe Acer could bring it back down a little.

Would a 3.5-inch device make it in today’s market? Or is a 3.5-inch device just too small? I know many people who like smaller phones, around 4.3-inches, but even they think 3.5-inches is just too small for a smartphone nowadays. So what do you think? Let us know in the comments down below.

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