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Paranoid Android Halo Notification Switcher; See it in Action!

Paranoid Android Halo


Paranoid Android Notification Switcher:

What are these guys going to come up with next? First Paranoid Android was known for the hybrid layout. Allowing you to use the tablet interface on your phone. Then came per app colors, then Pie. Now we have Halo’s which are basically chat heads, except on steroids. Last week we checked out an early build of Halo for Paranoid Android and it was still pretty beta since you could only see one notification at a time in there. Now we are seeing that it can indeed handle multiple notifications in the video down below.

It’s all handled through a double-tap and some scrolling. I would go as far as say Paranoid Android is fast become one of the best ROM’s out their. Unless CyanogenMod can get Android 4.3 working on devices before then it seems Paranoid Android is giving the Cyanogen team some healthy competition.

Check out the video if Paranoid Android in action below. They go over how to use Halo’s with multiple notifications. All I can say is, I want it now. But we’ll have to wait a bit longer to get our hands on it. We’ll definitely be doing a quick review on it in the near future with all these new features. I definitely hope that Google implements some of these features into Android 4.3 or even Android 5.0 further down the road.

I myself use Paranoid Android on my Nexus 7, and have done for a very long time. I also had a look at Paranoid Android for the HTC One X and Galaxy Tab too, but havent got round to flashing. If your interested in learning more about the Paranoid Android ROM, head over to their website: Paranoid Android Website

How many of you are running Paranoid Android? What do you think of the Halo, Pie, per app colors, and hybrid features? Are they definitely game changers? Let us know in the comments down below.

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