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HTC One Stealth Black now Available on AT&T

HTC One Stealth Black

HTC One Stealth Black:

As we barrel towards the midway point of 2013, it’s clear that the HTC One is most certainly in the running as one of the top smartphones of the year. This all aluminum beast of a device has silenced a lot of the critics that were circling the carcass of the Taiwanese manufacturer like vultures as they were predicting the demise of the company. For their part HTC was so bullish on this year’s flagship handset and it’s ability to catch up with top Android manufacturer Samsung, that CEO Peter Chou pushed all of his chips on the table and even went so far as to say that he would actually resign if the HTC One failed.

Well now with the benefit of hindsight we know that Mr. Chou was spot on with his assessment of the device because it has been a hit with both Android fanatics and the general smartphone consumer base alike. There are a few factors that may cause someone to shy away from the device however. For instance it’s possible that they are a Verizon customer and don’t want to switch carriers for a device no matter how great a phone is. Another reason could be an aversion to sense, a “custom skin” that many people still find intrusive despite HTC’s efforts to make it less so.

There are those of us out there that are a bit more concerned about outwards appearances, so it’s entirely possible they while people really want to purchase the HTC One, maybe Silver isn’t the preferred color for an accessory that needs to be by their side for roughly the next two years. If you fall into that category then fear not because AT&T has got you covered.

We have known for a while that other colors of the One were in the pipeline and now AT&T has finally given people another option other than the standard silver. If you have been holding out hope for a HTC One in Stealth Black you can head on over to the carrier’s website to pick one up.

There are no price differences between the HTC One stealth black and silver models where a 32GB will run AT&T customers $199 and the 64GB variant costs $299 after signing up for two years of service. Also if you are the type who likes to buy their phone outright so as to not deal with a contract, the prices are $599 and $649 for the various models.

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