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Senseless ROM Finally Announced for Current HTC One users

HTC One Senseless


Senseless HTC One

Through all the rumors of the HTC One ‘Google Edition’ in the past couple of weeks, we’ve heard from our readers that HTC should release a Vanilla Android (Senseless ROM) for those that already have the HTC One. Well that might just become a reality.

The HTC One ‘Google Edition’ will be identical to the HTC One with Sense, except the IR blaster will be disabled. HTC did tell The Verge, that they are working on porting over a version of the Google Edition ROM for existing HTC One owners so they too can flash the Senseless version of Android if they choose to do so. But it sounds like the installation is going to take quite a bit of work.

As we talked about earlier, stock Android on the HTC One is going to have some disadvantages, like no IR Blaster, no HTC Zoe’s and many other features. But you will have a beautiful device with top of the line specs with the latest version of Android, and updates directly from Google which is always a good thing, especially considering the state of some manufacturers when trying to push new updates.

So it sounds like HTC has at least listened to us, its consumers. Good job HTC! You’ll get a bigger pat on the back when the Senseless ROM is available for us to flash on our HTC One. Hopefully we won’t have to buy it from the Play Store just to get stock Android on the HTC One. Now this is something that Samsung isn’t doing for their Galaxy S4 ‘Google Edition’ or at least they haven’t said anything about it yet. Remember the HTC One ‘Google Edition’ is coming to the Play Store for $599 on June 26th, along with the Galaxy S4 ‘Google Edition’. Whilst HTC have confirmed a Senseless ROM, Samsung have yet to comment on a TouchWizless (made up word?) smartphone.

How many of you are excited to hear this news from HTC? Now I won’t have to decide whether I should buy one subsidized or one from Google Play. Let us know in the comments down below what your thoughts are on this.

[UPDATE – For Info on How-To get your Senseless ROM, Click Here)

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