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Android App Marketing; Get your App Seen!

How to Market App's

Android App Marketing:

App Marketing is extremely important to develops and app marketing can be the make or break for a developer/app. Google is one of the most popular names in technology and the Google Play store is a further expansion of their brand not only competing with Apples App Store, but offering a whole world of app developers a place to share and even monetize their creative ideas.

However, like any product, to do so you’ll need to know how to utilize app marketing successfully and make sure your campaign caters to the appropriate audience. For example, how would amateur and professional photographers know to download Instagram when scrolling through Google Play if its icon was a picture of a Cat? If you believe your strengths lie in reading code, not demographics, there are services that specialize in app marketing. However this does not put the marketing process on a pedestal by any means and anyone with a DIY mentality can do it themselves with just the right amount of ingenuity.

Take Advantage of your Advantages:

The first step of any good app marketing strategy is knowing your opponent, which in this instance is the Apple App Store. Both providers are competitive but Google Play has a few distinct advantages you need to keep in mind. Both utilize and apply a ranking system to apps, but use different variables to rank them. The App Store ranks by the frequency and number of downloads where as Google Play’s Search and Browse algorithms track user activity, giving more freedom when it comes to app marketing possibilities. Think of the App Store as Blockbuster, with its many different sections for different genres, and Google Play as Netflix, gauging what you might like based one what you’ve already liked in the past. By making your app Google friendly by making it SEO friendly can make your app marketing venture a real success! There are many different ways to market your app, so research is key!



A Picture is Worth a Thousand Customers:

Jumping back to the Instagram point, a memorable and relatable icon is a must for app marketing! It’s the first thing users see next to the title so be creative and make something that will not only catch their eye, but stick with them so the icon holds a certain positive association in their mind. Along with the image, you can also include a simple demo video of your app in the description thanks to Google’s acquisition of Youtube. A picture means more to your app marketing campaign than some realise, I myself browse the Play Store by scanning the images, if one catches my eye I’ll read a little more about the app.

The next thing they see (or rather read) is the title of your app. If your icon is someone first setting eyes on you, then the title of your app is the first impression which is all the more reason to make it a good one. This not only informs the user of the apps basic function, but also informs the Google Play’s search algorithm of what kind of app you’re selling. This being the case, throwing a handful of keywords into your title and description will increase you apps rank in the Google Play store and circulate it to more prospective users. This is all done automatically through their search algorithm so the best part its essentially free app marketing!

Know Your Audience

There are many other free ways of getting the word out about your product to the public. Viral marketing over a longer period of time via social is the best way to get your name stuck in the publics mind so they’ll be eagerly awaiting your products release. When outlining your advertising campaigns, you should consider keeping a regularly updated blog about your product that could easily be done on free sites such as Blogger and Tumblr.  Word of mouth is the obvious “tell your family and friends” and basic guerrilla street marketing, but this is the twenty first century and an even more vital marketing tool is something I like to call word of mouse. It’s simple as taking your mouse and clicking “share” on all the major social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The last thing you need to know before your PR invasion is where you’ll need to invade. Know your audience and go out of your way to cater to them, for instance if you’re developing a mobile role-playing game you need to focus on including keywords such as RPG so that news of your game will show up in more searches. Not only that, but this greatly increases the chance that your game will not only be installed by users, but played by loyal Android customers. Remember the nature of Google Play’s algorithm, the more you search, the more apps they know to recommend you. So always research keywords associated with the niche you are trying to reach, be cleverly creative in your visual design, use the tools shown here, and hopefully we’ll see your new app on the Top 10 Most Downloaded in a few weeks!

Google luck with your App Marketing! Feel free to comment below for ideas and questions.


  1. Hi Alex,
    That’s an nice article about marketing Android apps. I just released a nice free android game yesterday unfortunately the results was so bad for only 2 downloads for a quality free game that include 62 levels with a weekly tournament challenge mode with facebook friends etc… Actually my previous games are not doing so good either and I am totally lost in how to do marketing of my games. It would be too great if you can advice me to get my games some attractions on the Store.

    I’ve also contacted some app reviews site and actually, they’re not very useful in getting more downloads. I really don’t know what I am missing of marketing the games.

  2. I have a app named Birds Voice App free initially it was named as children birds sanctuary, i thought im the first person to put the app, but i found many , its a free ebook app and a simple application useful for children, how to market the app in fierce competition for free.

  3. can always try media services like An Android App Marketing Company

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