Sunday , 9 February 2014
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Twitter Shuts down TweetDeck for Good


Twitter recently revealed that it was going to close the TweetDeck appliation on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It has now been confirmed that the app hasn’t got much much life left, as Twitter has now fully confirmed that the application will be fully shut down for good on or by the 7th of May.

After May 7th the app will be removed completely from both App stores, and current users will no longer be able to access their accounts using the app on their smartphones. However its not only mobile devices that are going to lose out on the App shutdown as the service will no longer be integrated with Facebook which was serving a major link between the two social Giants.

TweetDeck fans can still find the PC and Mac counterparts. The closure of the app is part of a “Shake-up” by Twitter which has been busy optimising various new services. It has only been a few month since Twitter added photo editing to Twitter and completely over-hauled the user interface.

They recently just released Twitter Music, and not so long ago caused quite a stir with Vine, when adult content was found in Twitters “Featured section”. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Vine, its essentially Twitters video Instagram.

Whilst TweetDeck is currently still available its users will have to start thinking about moving to the official app, or other third party apps such as Carbon.

Find Carbon for Twitter here


What are your thoughts? Are Twitter going to far shutting third party apps down?


  1. Do you have any video of that? I’d care to find out some additional information.

  2. Yes, theres a link to the alternative in the post. Click the Carbon logo (black and grey) and it will lead you to the play store.

  3. Thanks for all this, that may come in handy
    at some hour.

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