Wednesday , 23 April 2014
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Google Glass Code Hints at Head and Eye Gesture Controls


When you look at the bigger picture technology and namely smartphones have only just given us the ability to use finger-based gesture controls. It also hasn’t been a great deal of time since phones became sophisticated and did more than just calls and lets not forgot SNAKE!

With Google Glass somewhere in the near future we may already be moving away from hand-based controls and move towards Voice, Eye and Head gesture controls. A peak into some of Google Glass’ code has revealed that we may already need to prepare for this sort of interaction with our devices.


One of the biggest and most wide-spread concerns about Google Glass is our privacy. Being able to snap photos or record video of someone without them knowing it. However so far we’ve been shown Google Glass being controlled by Voice gestures, so at least they’d hear you telling the glass to record them!

Reddit user fodawim found some code in the MyGlass companion app that showed a wealth of new gestures probably available in Glass, including winking, a finger-pinch, and some head-based maneuvers.

The Finger pinch gestures seem very similar to what we do nowadays on our touchscreen devices. It’s safe to assume that Google isn’t in favour of sneaky video and picture-taking and will be keeping that in consideration when innovating Google Glass. Hopefully they’ve learned from their $190,000 law-suit regarding their Street View cars gathering WiFi data.

One problem Google are likely to face, especially when trying to implement eye controls such as winking gestures is the fact that it would need to determine the difference between natural blinks, social winking and actual winking for a gesture. This could be done for example by setting a time required for winking, such as holding a wink for 2/3 seconds.


However Google Glass turns out it seems clear that Google are intent on creating a world with people walking round waving their hands and winking for extended periods of time. Personally, I can’t wait!

What are your thoughts on Google Glass, do you think their are privacy issues here?


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