Wednesday , 23 April 2014
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Charge your Smartphone using Water


Water and smartphones have never got on, but that’s set to change. The myFC PowerTrekk is going to be going on sale very soon letting users charge their cell-phones using ordinary tap water.

You may be asking yourself, power and water? Well, you’d be right to ask, as it isn’t just the water that will charge your cell-phone. Their is a sodium solicide PowerPukk disc that re-acts with water creating electricity.

Once you add your water to the device, a chemical reaction kicks off generating electiricity. This ectricity in-turn charges the PowerTrekk’s internal battery, which can then be used to replenish your your device’s battery. This isn’t device limited, Kindes, Tablets, Camera, Cell-phones etc can all be charged using a USB cable via the PowerTrekk.

The PowerTrekk can produce a 1 amp charge. The internal battery of the PowerTrekk is 1600 mAh and a full charge of the PowerTrekk can funnel 1000mAh back into your device.  Another good point to this device is that it doesn’t even require clean water ! A dirty puddle would do and for all you “Bear Grylls” out there in theory, your own urine could be used to charge your device.

powertekk explanation

So how much is the PowerTrekk going to cost? Well the PowerTrekk charger will set you back a cool “$229″ and the charging discs (used for the chemeical reaction) will retail for around $4 each.

In terms of price this isn’t necessarily the best solution for everybody, you can easily pick-up external power packs, with a much bigger charge and a price point that isn’t going to leave a hole in your pocket ! However, this could be the perfect solution for some, especially for those who enjoy long trecks, camping and mountain climbing etc.

What are your thoughts on the PowerTrekk, would this be beneficial for you?

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